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First 3 deposits only, Min dep £10 1st and 2nd deposit, min £20 3rd, Max cumulative bonus £150 and 150 spins, bonus match amount varies per deposit. Spins awarded on one of four choosen games. 50x wagering on deposit+bonus, 50x on bonus spins, 10x max bonus conversion or £5,000, whichever is lower. £5 max bonus stake, Full T's&C's apply

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Blackjack is a brilliant online casino game which gained immense recognition in America and it is now one of the most popular casino games in the whole world. This game is infact quite basic but it is very fun to play on which is one of the reasons why it has exceled so much. The original name for Blackjack was actually ving-et-un which translates to the number 21. Even though America is where the game started to get big, France is where it was first established with people playing with 1 deck of cards throughout the popular French Casinos which were a gamblers hotspot back in the day! With this game becoming a fans favourite that has millions of pounds wagered on it on a daily basis it is only right for blackjack players to expect a lot from their chosen games and because of this you can expect so much too! From large payouts, tons of fun, unique themes and much more! For me personally, the amount of brilliant payouts that are available on blackjack games is phenomenal and I think that it is by far one of the best things about playing on them. When the game of Blackjack hit the United States, things changed drastically and the game became a fans favourite with millions of gamers playing on a daily basis. Now in 2019, Blackjack is a true pioneer and legend when it comes to the industry of gaming and in this guide you will find out all the interesting stuff there is to know about this excellent game so sit back, enjoy and continue to read on.

What is Online Blackjack?

Nowadays the online gaming world is booming and due to the fact that Blackjack has been huge for many years, it is only right for the 2 to combine in order to create online blackjack! Online Blackjack is exactly what it says in the name, the wonderful game of blackjack that can be played online. The amount of casinos that offer online blackjack these days is terrific, there are hundreds upon hundreds of them are you can definitely expect to find some world-class blackjack games when surfing the web. When playing online blackjack in 2019 there is so much that you can expect in order for your gaming experience to be truly unforgettable. Some of the best features include high quality images, relevant sounds, awesome navigation and more importantly big payouts! One of the main reasons why online blackjack has done exceptionally well over the past several years is because of the convenience. Online Blackjack allows players to have the classic blackjack experience without having to get ready, go out and head to the local casino. The comfort of playing from wherever you may be in the world from the ease of your mobile device, laptop or tablet is second to none and nothing can really compare! The top casino sites that offer blackjack tend to offer a mobile app too which is usually free to charge and even if there isn’t a mobile phone app, players will always be able to play via the web browser.

Game Rules:

Blackjack is actually quite a simple game to play however there is a misinterpretation that it is hard to understand/play but I can assure you that this is certainly not the case in the slightest. We know it can be daunting when playing on a new game that you are not used to, especially when the majority of people say it is complicated and because of this we have decided to offer a helping hand by explaining the rules of the Blackjack to you in this part of the guide. So to get started you will need to first select the blackjack game of your choice, set the amount you want to bet and then wait for your 2 cards which are known as hole cards. Hole cards are the cards that the player plays against the dealer. Players can either ‘hit’ in order to improve their card to reach the number 21 or ‘stand’ to stay as they are. The aim of the game is to get as close to the number 21 as possible and after each betting round the dealer will play their hands. When the game is finished and the cards have been used, the online system will determine whether the player has won or not and relevant winnings will be awarded to the player via their betting account.

Popular Blackjack Games:

Blackjack is a fun game to play on for various reasons and I’m sure you will be glad to know that there are plenty of different types of Blackjack games for players to play on, meaning you won’t get bored of playing the same game over and over again. These fantastic games are renowned for providing players with hours of fun whilst also providing potential large payouts too! When checking out the best sites you will surely come across the top Blackjack games that are available these days and we have listed a few of them down below to give you a brief insight. • Pontoon: This is a unique game and the name refers to the extra winning hand which is allowed in the game. If players hit a five-card hand which doesn’t have a points value that is more than the maximum account they will beat the dealer. • Progressive Blackjack: Progressive Blackjack is exactly the same as standard blackjack but the only difference is that players have a bonus option to pay into the progressive bet which allows them to play for the progressive jackpot. • Blackjack Surrender: This awesome game is played against the dealer however the player can choose to swap the cards if they would like a different hand instead. In addition to this there is also a seven-card Charlie too! The seven-card hand will automatically win the dealer’s hand if the player doesn’t end up bust. • 21 Duel Blackjack: This is a six-deck game which follows a standard format that only the dealer has to qualify in order to play. The play table offers players the chance to play 3 hands at a time and the payouts typically tend to be quite large.

Game Buttons:

Knowing the important buttons when playing on a blackjack game is important and because we love being helpful we have listed the essential buttons which you need to know for when you start playing online blackjack down below. These terms could help you majorly and especially if you don’t know what they mean as it will save you looking them up/feeling confused so be sure to take a read. • Clear Bets: Clearing a bet will remove all of the bets that have been placed before the cards get dealt. • Undo: To undo means to clear the last bet that has been placed on the table. • Hit: Request to get another card in order to attempt improving your hand. • Deal: To deal cards to the dealer and the player. • Double: This will allow you to double your bet, in addition to this you shall receive an extra card in order to determine the overall outcome of your hand. • Stand: The player will stand when they do not wish to add any more cards to their hand. • Split: When players have a pair they have the opportunity to split it into 2 separate hands. The number of splits that is allowed shall be shown in each set of rules. • Insurance: This is an optional bet when the dealer ends up showing an ace. It will cost half of your initial bet but it will protect you if the dealer gets a blackjack. In this case you will be covered but if not then your insurance bet will be lost.


When you play blackjack online you will get an even money payout for any hand that is a winning hand which is not blackjack. This cool payout will then increase to a 2:1 for a winning insurance bet and then it will be a 3:2 for a two card winning hand which adds up to the maximum points value. As with all online casino games, the fact remains the same of the lower the payout for a winning combo then the more chance you have of being successful and hitting that combo. This then means that the overall odds of hitting blackjack are significantly lower however it will pay much higher than any other winning hand.

Online Blackjack FAQ:

We know that millions of people have new questions every single day when it comes to the topic of Online Blackjack and this is totally normal because blackjack is played all over the world by millions on a frequent basis so questions being asked is certainly expected. Due to the fact that we get tons of interested punters asking us questions in regards to online blackjack, we have formed an informative list below of the most common questions we tend to get along with their answers so be sure to take a look. Can I play Online Blackjack for free? Yes, Online Blackjack can be played for free without any money being wagered or won. Pretty much all casinos offer free blackjack and it is good for those who want to try and experience the game before betting real money. How many decks are used in Online Blackjack? The amount of decks that are used in online blackjack usually tend to be 6 but some other casinos use 4 whereas others will use 4. There isn’t one specific number and it really does depend on the casino. Is there a winning strategy? When it comes to playing blackjack there isn’t really a winning strategy and if there was then I think everyone would be a rich winner by now! Having said this, some casinos do offer tips and advices to their players which can usually be found on the homepage so be sure to double check before you begin to play. Do the same rules apply in online blackjack games as they do in land based casinos? Yes, online casinos and land based casinos are exactly the same in terms of rules and you can expect to have the exact same gaming experience with the only difference being that you are playing form your phone/tablet/laptop from wherever you are in the world. What is the highest betting limit for Online Blackjack? Betting limits vary depending on the casino as each casino will have their own limits/rules. You can find the betting requirments on the homepage of the Blackjack game.