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First 3 deposits only, Min dep £10 1st and 2nd deposit, min £20 3rd, Max cumulative bonus £150 and 150 spins, bonus match amount varies per deposit. Spins awarded on one of four choosen games. 50x wagering on deposit+bonus, 50x on bonus spins, 10x max bonus conversion or £5,000, whichever is lower. £5 max bonus stake, Full T's&C's apply

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If there is one thing that people love when playing on online casinos then it is certainly casino games. We know how good it can be to find a top casino game and these splendid games are only going to grow larger because of how fast the industry is moving. Online gaming is very big and millions of pounds is spent on it every single month. One of the best ways to keep punters interested in playing on casinos is by ensuring that lots of games are available. Online Casinos are brilliant and these days Casino games are everywhere. Due to the fact that the world of online gambling has seen a massive increase in recent years, the vast majority of casino developers have had to make sure that they provide a huge amount of games on their casinos in order to keep their punters satisfied. There are dozens of different games available on online casinos at the moment, with some of the most popular ones including slots and blackjack. In this excellent guide you will find out everything there is to know about the best types of casino games that are available in 2019.

Play Roulette Casino Games

For decades upon decades the awesome game of roulette has pleased gamers on a consistent basis and because of this it is one of the most played games to ever grace the industry of online gaming. Due to the fact that more and more people are choosing to play slots online, developers need to ensure that they are constantly producing top games and it is fair to say that Roulette is certainly a top game that has taken the casino scene by storm as of late! I have to say that Roulette really is a terrific game to play and you can expect so much when playing on it, including awesome amounts of cash that you probably wouldn’t have ever expected. Another fab feature about roulette is the stupendous amounts of fun that you will be having because of the way the game is designed. All in all, I personally think that Roulette is fantastic and I would recommend it to any big online gamer who is looking for a new type of game to play on. Roulette is such a fun game which is not only simple to play but also very effective in various different ways. Roulette is easy to understand, a small white ball gets dropped into a circular wheel that has various compartments that are numbered and the player has to place a bet on the number which they think the white ball will land on. If their bet is correct then they will win some money. Due to the fact that online gaming has been growing recently, developers have noticed that online roulette has risen in popularity too and because of that they have made sure that players can play from their phone, tablet and laptops too. This is great for convenience as it allows players to have fun on their favourite roulette games from wherever they may be whilst also having that tremendous casino experience!

Play Blackjack at SlotsRush Casino

Blackjack is a tremendous online game which originally started in America and it has gone on to become one of the most played games in the world! Blackjack is actually very basis and easy however it is extremely fun….probably one of the reasons why it is a punters favourite! Blackjack is a card game and the aim of the game is for the player to reach the number 21 as quick as they can in order for them to become a winner. These days, casinos tend to work immensely hard to ensure that their blackjack games are of the finest quality in order to please their punters and because of this you can usually expect good sounds, graphics and navigation when playing. As a massive casino lover there are many things I focus on but one thing which is very important for me personally is the bonuses and I have to say that Blackjack is one of the best games if you are looking for good bonuses because this game tends to be jam-packed with them! There are many terms when it comes to Blackjack and to give you a helping hand we have decided to list a few of the most popular terms down below so that you know what they mean for future reference.
  • Surrender: Cancelling a bet and then losing half of it. This is a good option for those players who think they are on course to lose if they continue betting.
  • Bust: This means the player is out of the game. If the player exceeds 21 they have lost the game.
  • Hit: This means to receive a card. Players can hit if they have not yet hit the target of 21.
  • Push: A push is when the dealer and the player have the same total ten, this then means the player won’t win or lose the bet.
  • Double Down: The double down allows players to double their bet and then pick up one more card.

Craps Casino Games

The game of craps started off in the United States of America way back in the 20th century and it started to increase in popularity after world war 2 as tons of soldiers were playing it as a time pass. Fast forward half a century later and it is fair to say that craps is definitely up there with the best casino games to ever grace the industry of online gaming! This awesome games is setup on a classic table where chips are used as a replacement to cash. The layout for craps is quite basic and it is very easy for players to understand it which is always a top advantage to have for any gamer. The dices are placed in the middle of the table and all the relevant numbers are situated on the sides. The amount of chips that the player has to their name is shown on the table too. Overall, I think craps is a wonderful online casino game which is very fun to play and I can see exactly why it has been so popular with passionate gamers for all the years. Tons of cash can be won when playing craps and I can assure you that with the fun that’s provided you will end up having a blast of a time!